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"Nothing Fancy!"

We are now officially two days into the the reading plan offered to take us Through the Bible at Gallatin Community Church. As of today (1-14-17) we have completed Genesis chapters 1-11. One of the amazing thing is these chapters cover at least 1800 years of the history of mankind. They have moved us to the place in time where we will meet a man by the name of Abram. Getting to know this man Abram will be important to everything we learn going forward. The Bible is GOD’S story. There is a sense in which Genesis is the beginning of OUR story. Therefore, OUR (mine and yours) story begins with the all-important words: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” These words form the foundation of my worldview. Anything that I believe about life must pass through this lens of understanding. While some contend this idea stands in stark contrast to science, I find no such need to take such a stance. It would seem to me that cause and effect originated somewhere. For me, its genesis is the handiwork of a Holy and Infinite GOD whose ways are far above anything I can grasp or understand. I’m okay not knowing why or what. My strength comes in knowing WHO. Because of this I’m perfectly okay in believing the words of my pastor: “God took a handful of nothing, threw it nowhere, and created everything.” I want us to take a few moments to think about these two truths: Genesis 1:27; “So GOD created human beings in his own image. In the image of GOD he created them.” And, Genesis 2:7; “Then the Lord GOD formed the man from the dust of the ground. He breathed the breath of life into the man’s nostrils, and the man became a living person.” While there are several angles we can approach these scriptures, I’m only interested in making a few simple but profound points on this subject. As you know, I leave the “heavy” lifting to others. First, Human life is SACRED and VALUABLE. The simple truth is YOU and I matter to GOD. Second, YOU and I may be nothing fancy in the beginning, but when GOD has His perfect way, we become all that HE intends us to be. By believing (accepting as truth) that YOU and Iare created in the image of GOD we are forming an understanding that no longer determines value or worth based upon possessions, achievements, attractiveness or popularity. (In order to do this we probably are forced to unlearn much of the information relayed to us in our most formative years.) We can begin to understand life and our surroundings in a new and exciting way. Self-criticism and comparisons are no longer acceptable. Accept it, YOU and I are people of VALUE and WORTH. Now before we get to caught up in ourselves based upon Genesis 1:27, we must consider Genesis 2:7. While being created in the image of GOD is an incredible privilege, mankind being filled with the BREATH of LIFE is the zenith of our existence. I think all of us can admit to understand we are made from the dust of the ground is equivalent to hearing “You ain’t all that!” Our bodies are lifeless and uninspiring until the moment the breath of life, the wind of heaven, that is, The Holy Spirit, fills our lungs with air and the real LIFE. Our life and worth are gifts of GOD. There are personal achievements in this lifetime that are worthwhile. But they do not compare to being created in the image of the GOD of the universe who desires to breathe A NEW LIFE into our today and tomorrow. Think about this and pray GOD provides you an even deeper understanding: Life is a gift. Value it. Treasure it. Make the most of it. Walk in relationship with Jesus Christ, and allow ALL THINGS to become new throughout this incredible journey we are on together Through the Bible at GCC. We will all be better as a result. Keep Pressing Onward! Pastor Steve

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